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From Monday 03 June – Thursday 18 July 2019, trams cannot operate between Shalesmoor - Malin Bridge and Middlewood due to rail replacement work. Please check before you travel.

Stagecoach Supertram has been serving the city of Sheffield since 1994 and we pride ourselves on a clean, quiet and reliable service.

We have four tram routes, which give you easy access to the most popular places in and around Sheffield, and now Rotherham!

Plan your journey with our simple tool, which will offer you the perfect routes and tickets for your journey. When asked for a route number, use YELL, PURP, BLUE or TT.

You can also explore our website to find out more about Supertram and how we can help make your travels around Sheffield and Rotherham great.

Get live service updates and tweet us here.

Or please get in touch if you can't find what you need!

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Invictus Trials Sheffield 2019


Rail Replacement Project 2019

Area 2: Planned 03 June - 18 July

Area 3: Planned 22 July - 26 July

Area 4: Planned 27 July - 09 August

Area 5: Planned 24 August - 30 August


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Area 1: Hillsborough - Middlewood
Area 1: Hillsborough - Middlewood